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Jane Massey Licata and Kathleen A. Tyrrell have worked together since 1993 to creatively and effectively protect cutting edge inventions. Working with scientists at non-profit research institutions and companies across the U.S. and around the world, for decades we have been translating science into invention.


A keen understanding of the technology and the law and of the research culture and environment have resulted in issuance of groundbreaking patents in areas such as molecular therapeutics and diagnostics, pharmaceutical formulations and drug delivery systems, cell therapies, tissue engineering, antibody technologies, global environmentally sustainable systems and methodologies and nutritional supplements for our clients. Expertise and experience in both the intellectual property and regulatory arenas allow clients to move from concept to product to market seamlessly with a single law firm.

Licata & Tyrrell work with their clients to develop strategic approaches to creating and building strong, worldwide patent portfolios.

We work with our clients to develop strategic approaches to creating and building strong, worldwide patent portfolios which are licensed by leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies as well as consumer companies focused in the health and wellness sector. We also understand the requirements and challenges for patenting and developing technology in a startup environment and work with innovators and the venture community to develop IP that can be scaled up and commercialized with partners. Licata & Tyrrell also provides expertise and deep experience in creating and maintaining freedom to operate, due diligence for mergers and acquisitions and developing competitive strategies in challenging intellectual property and regulatory landscapes.

Strong Technical Expertise

When you chose a patent attorney to translate disclosures into patent applications, you want to be sure the attorney has a firm grasp of the technology. Licata & Tyrrell possesses technical sophistication, legal expertise and an understanding of the biotechnology industry. Our firm’s personnel have over 30 years of experience in intellectual property law including patent prosecution, Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) practice, technology transfer and licensing. We assist leading research universities, major pharmaceutical companies and start-up companies in obtaining patent protection worldwide for a broad range of biotechnology inventions such as genetic engineering techniques, molecular diagnostics, therapeutics, formulation technologies and drug delivery devices.

Special Expertise with University Clients and Technology

We understand the needs and constraints in protecting, developing and licensing technology created in the university setting, and over the years we have worked with dozens of universities. To facilitate working together, we have put systems in place to meet the requirements and needs in identifying and protecting your technology created in an academic setting.  We are accustomed to working under imminent filing deadlines and can prepare and file cases under tight schedules. We also assist in drafting and negotiating research and license agreements with commercial and government sponsors.

Extensive PCT Experience

Our international patent specialist has been a member of the firm since its inception. Consequently, we have a well established network of foreign associates with which we work well.

From concept…to patent…to FDA approval…to market…with one law firm

Biotechnologies can be handled from concept, to patent, to Food and Drug Administration approval, to market by our firm because we are geared toward this industry.

We know the FDA programs and procedures for investigational drugs and biologics that are essential in gaining market approval.  Our firm continuously monitors FDA issues for clients.  In addition, we counsel medical universities and hospitals with regard to regulatory compliance and ethics.

Cost Effective Services is our Goal

We employ a support staff of prosecution paralegals for both U.S. and foreign prosecution, allowing for efficient and cost-effective service.


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